Which is the best SUV for pet owners?

The best SUV for pet owners is one that provides ample space for pets to sit safely and comfortably in the car. Here are four such SUVs ideal for pet owners. 

Ford Explorer

It is a dog-friendly SUV with three foldable rows that create enough space for accommodating pets, crates, carriers, and other pet supplies. When the pet owners fold two rows at the back, it creates 87.8 cubic feet of space.

Subaru Crosstrek 

It is an ideal SUV for pet owners because of its large cargo space. So, putting the back seats down creates 55.3 cubic feet of space for pets and their stuff.

Range Rover

It is a luxury SUV with plenty of space for pets. The back seats are folded, which creates 70.9 cubic feet of space, suitable for all dog sizes. The long-wheelbase version has even more space, i.e.77.5 cubic feet.

Mitsubishi Outlander

It is also a spacious SUV suitable for pet owners. It creates a space of nearly 80 cubic feet when the 2 rows at the back are folded.




How do I dog-proof my SUV?

You can dog-proof your SUV by using good quality seat covers, strapping your dog adequately, installing dog barriers, and keeping a bunch of cleaning supplies handy. There are a lot of options available. However, it is better to combine these methods to ensure maximum safety.

Method #1: Use good quality dog seat covers

Dog seat covers are a blessing when people travel with their pets. A dog car seat works by covering the entire rear seat. This allows the dog to stretch and move without damaging the existing car covers. They also ensure that the car’s upholstery is kept away from dirt, mud, and water.

There are various options available in the market, ranging from standard options to customized units. For example, Petmyride offers a range of designer seat cover for SUVs and standard dog seat covers for SUVs. We also provide standard and designer editions for Sedans, Trucks, and Tesla cars.

Method #2: Make sure the dog is strapped on

Secure the dog with dog car seat belts. The standard seat belts in a car are not well suited for dogs. Specialized dog car seat belts are available in several sizes to ensure they are the right fit for the pet. These do not require extra installations, making them very convenient to use. These belts are attached to the existing seat belts. 

Ensure the belt is made of soft material for the dog to be comfortable. There are options for customizable seat belts as well in the market.

Method #3: Install dog barriers

Dog barriers come in handy to prevent the dog from roaming freely in the car.  It is quite a possibility that the dog will get anxious inside a moving car. Keeping in mind the dog's safety and hassle-free driving, it is best to install barriers to prevent the pups from disturbing the driver.

Method #4: Keep cleaning supplies handy

Dogs are messy creatures, so it is always a good idea to keep cleaning supplies nearby. A non-exhaustive list of these items includes:

  • A bowl and a bottle of water
  • Foldable bags
  • Pair of towels (one for cleaning off dirt, one for drying wet fur)
  • A pack of wet wipes for dirty paws
  • Pet deodorant spray
  • A lint roller (for heavy shedders)
  • Portable vacuum for instant cleaning

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