About Us

We love dogs, and believe that they are super important family members and best friends.

You would want to go with your dog or pup everywhere, even when you drive to your local grocery. For those long drives, your furry friend can be the best companion. However, there is always the risk of your dog leaving fur all over or staining your expensive leather seats. All you need is car seat protector for dogs. But where do you get a high-quality cover and for the right price?

If you can relate to this dilemma, PetMyRide has the solution. You are in the right place. 

Who are we? 

PetMyRide is a dog boutique online with its physical address in Los Angeles, Ca. First of all, we are passionate about dogs. We know you are too. That is why we make sure you can always travel with your dog everywhere and anywhere you go. 

How do we do that? We make high quality dog car seat covers for all size, shape, and color. With our covers, you no longer have to worry about your dog leaving dirt, fur, and all manner of things on your car seats.

We proudly make best dog car seas for long trips as well as for short get aways for medium, large, and extra large dogs!

Our Brand Story

Our story begins with a dog named Luna. She is lovely, caring, and the best companion one would ask for. However, there was one problem. Whenever traveling with Luna in a car, she would leave all manner of dirt on the car seats. It took time to clean it. This is when the idea of dog car seat covers struck home. We made her a simple dog car hammock and just like that the problem was solved. Come to think of it, how many other dog lovers out there were struggling with the same problem?

That is how PetMyRide was born. Since then, we have been making sure dog owners travel in style without the worry of fur, dirt, mud, and water. 

We know how much dogs love to be in car seats. Besides, we also know you equally love your car seats and would want them to be spotless. With our premium quality dog car seat covers, you and your dog will have the most memorable drives.

We are ardent believers of high quality, and follow the highest industry standards to deliver the best products. Before we design and make our covers, our experts do thorough and extensive research. We leave no room for mistakes. Moreover, we take customers’ feedback seriously to make sure our products conform to the expectations of dog and vehicle owners.

Our Range of Products

Most importantly, we know that our customers love driving all the sizes and shapes of vehicles. Therefore, our products cover all those preferences. We have dog covers for Sedans, SUVs, small and trucks. You simply choose what fits into your needs.

  • Dog Seat covers for SUVs

If yours is an SUV, then you know the fun that comes with having your dog all the way of the journey. With our best dog seat cover for SUV, you are going to love the new experience. For those who prefer SUV back seat dog covers we have your preferences covered. We also have standard and designer edition for Tesla model X seat covers

  • Dog Seat Covers for Trucks

Is yours a small or big truck? Either way, it does not matter. Our range of ‘dog seat covers for truckswill take care of all needs. In particular, the dog seat covers for large trucks are the best you could ever wish for.

Moreover, we also have truck back seat dog cover from those who prefer their canine friend to travel at the back.

  • Dog Car Seat Covers for Sedans

Our list of products would not be complete without sedan seat cover. We know many of our customers would like Tesla model S dog seat cover or Tesla dog seat cover model 3. Name your preference, and whatever Tesla dog seat cover you choose will be ready for you.


Why Choose Us

We are setting the pace for the entire dog car seat cover industry. We put everything we got into making sure our products are the best in the market. When you choose our dog car hammock, you get value for your money, durability, and give your dog what they deserve. What else makes our products worth your trust and money? Here are the benefits of choosing our dog car seat covers;

  • Ease of installation - we explain in simple words how to install dog seat cover under 5 min - you will not break any sweat installing our car seat protector for dogs. For the back cover, spread it over the entire seat. This way, your dog will have adequate room to stretch and play, especially during long trips.
  • They support up to 250 pounds: our dog car seat covers come ready to take on the massive weight of your dog. They can hold as much as 250 pounds. Most dogs will fall within this weight bracket.
  • Tear and water-resistant: we have everything figured out about our dog seat covers. They will not tear or allow water in to destroy the fabric. How is this possible? We use thick and durable material that has been tested and proven to withstand stress and water. Above all, the fabric is comfortable, and your dog can sleep, roll, and play without causing any damage.
  • Slip and slide resistant: the excitement of the ride may get into the head of your dog. He will want to play. We make sure our covers are safe for your dog to do whatever he wants without slipping or sliding. Our signature fabric is certified to be safe. Relax and drive; your canine friend will be just fine.
  • Come in foldable bridge-design: when making our dog car seat covers, we think ahead. We do not want you to be in an awkward situation. Our bridge-design covers are foldable to allow a passenger to sit next to your pet. Besides, this design can fit into different vehicle sizes. In essence, you do not have to buy a different dog car hammock for the different cars you own.
  • Prime quality materials and stylish designs: just because they are dog car seat covers, they do not have to be low quality and dull. Our materials are individually selected and tested to meet all standards. We then design them in a variety of styles. We can customize your covers to your liking.
  • No more water, fur, dirt, and mud in your vehicle: it is not easy cleaning your vehicle’s seats after every trip with your dog. Our covers will totally eliminate that inconvenience. You can now enjoy your drives knowing that there is no cleaning task once the trip is over. You will enjoy every mile of the journey.
  • Solid bottoms to prevent your back seat: when your dog paws the seats, the sturdy bottom of our covers will counter any damage. We make the bottom particularly solid for such a scenario. We want your pet to have the freedom to do anything she wishes and not cause any repair costs.
  • Adjustable seat straps: when you slam into the brake pedal at high speed, you and your dog will plunge forward. You have your seat belt, and your dog has seat straps. The straps will keep your pet safe. Besides, they are also adjustable to fit all sizes of dogs.
  • Our covers have pockets: you don’t have to worry about where to keep your dog’s supplies. Our car seat protector for dogs features pockets. You can pack your dog’s medication, food, and toys.
  • We offer designer-inspired editions: to take care of unique tastes; we make designer-inspired car seat covers albeit in limited quantity. When you get one of these covers, it is a unique piece that adds aesthetic value to your car.
  • Each of our products has a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty: when we say our dog car seat covers are the best in the market, we mean that. To walk the talk, we attach a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty to every product. Our customers know nothing else but the best, and it is precisely what we give you.
  • We saved the best for last. If you find a manufacturer’s defect in our covers, we repair it without asking for a dime from you. We are all about exceeding your expectations and giving you value for your money.


Are you the type that would not travel without your dog in your car or truck? PetMyRide would not like you to have it any other way. We give you the best dog car seat covers with an assurance of quality. Our car seat covers for dogs are the industry standards, and we take pride in seeing you smile during your trips. Talk to us today about the kind of vehicle you drive. We will have your SUV, sedan, or truck dog seat covers ready for use. In every trip with your dog, let us make sure you both have a wonderful time.