• Are you dog car seat covers waterproof?

Yes, absolutely. Our covers are water and tear resistant.


  • How many dogs can use one seat cover at the same time?

Your seat cover will cover a backseat completely. You can fit as many as you’re comfortable because our products support up to 250 pounds. It has wood padding that supports the weight.


  • What materials do you use to make your car seat covers?

After multiple testing, we started to use heavy canvas fabric – the same material that manufacturers use for convertible roof tops. Our customers love it.


  • What makes your quality premium?

Our fabric, design, double stitched construction,  padded wood inserts, durable straps, hardware – everything. Our products make the transportation of dogs effortless and comfortable for both pets and owners.


  • Can I was a seat cover in a machine?

It is NOT machine washable. 


  • How do you wash your covers?

You can spot clean them with soap and water, or vacuum. The same way you would clean your canvas suitcase.


  • What kind of car your seat covers fit?

They fit any car seat because we create them in several sizes.

Also, if you happen to purchase a car seat a little larger than yours, you can tuck the edge behind the car seat.


  • I have F-150 with 65’ full seat, would your product fit?

Yes! Our Large car seat covers would fit.


  • Do you make your seat covers specifically for Tesla?

Yes, we make Tesla Model S dog seat cover, Tesla dog seat cover Model 3, and Tesla Model X.


  • What if I need something a little different? Do you accept custom order?

All custom orders are welcome! We can re-create anything you would like to, from dimensions to design, construction, hardware, and more. Custom orders are subject to additional charges and additional manufacturing time.


  • What should I do is you cover slightly too wide?

Our design allows us to fold and tuck between the seat and car wall.


  • I bought you “Designer Inspired Edition,” but now I don’t see the exact same design, how would I get the same? Do you re-stock?

Our “Designer Inspired” car dog hammocks have a limited quality. Once it’s gone, it won’t be re-stocked. In a way, you will own a unique dog seat cover item.

But the good news is that we work on a new “designer inspired” collection.


  • I don’t need to cover the whole backseat, just half of it. What should I choose?

You can choose any of our dog seat covers and fold it in half so that someone can sit next to your dog.


  • Your dog car seats claimed to have “premium quality and design,” how they are better than others?

We invested tons of time and budget in market research and made sure that our product design is based on positive and negative feedbacks of other products, our products as well as the latest industry best practices.


  • Does your dog seat covers made in the USA?

Yes, we design and make them in Los Angeles, California.


  • Where are you shipping from

We ship from Canoga Park from Los Angeles, California.


  • Will your seat covers hold my dog safe in case of the car accident?

The best way to keep your pet safe is to make your dog wear an accident tested safety harness which would be attached to your car’s best system.


  • Do upper edge sag? I had an unpleasant experience in the past?

Great news! The Upper edge has been reinforced for no sagging once it’s attached to the tightest.


  • Do you ship overseas?

Yes, we do, but without wood inserts. We’ll provide you with instructions which kind of insert pads you need to get. It’s effortless, they sell in any home improvement retailer near you.

Also, we require extra time for processing international orders.


    • Do you sell wholesale?

Not at the moment, but we are planning too. As for now, we position our product more boutique.

  • You offer a lifetime warranty, what does it mean?

It means we provide a lifetime warranty on craftsmanship. We cover manufacturer’s defects or defective hardware.

We do NOT cover damages that were made in the process of your car seat use such as a tear, accidents, natural break down of material because of extended use, etc.


  • Are your product dog seat covers or dog car hammocks? It’s confusing

Our seat covers can be used both as car seat cover as well as dog car hammock.


  • Are you planning to sell more pet products?

Yes, we are working on bringing unique dog bandanas, led dog collars, and dog travel accessories this year. If you have ideas of what you would love to find here, please email us and us know, we always appreciate your feedback!


  • Are you planning to sell products for pet owners?

Yes, we are putting together a collection of clothes for dog lovers - dog graphic tees, caps, and sleepwear as well as dog lover jewelry.