• Are you dog car seat covers waterproof?

Yes, absolutely. Our covers are water and tear resistant.


  • How many dogs can use one seat cover at the same time?

Your seat cover will cover a backseat completely. You can fit as many as you’re comfortable because our products support up to 250 pounds. It has wood padding that supports the weight.


  • What materials do you use to make your car seat covers?

After multiple testing, we started to use heavy canvas fabric – the same material that manufacturers use for convertible roof tops. Our customers love it.


  • What makes your quality premium?

Our fabric, design, double stitched construction,  padded wood inserts, durable straps, hardware – everything. Our products make the transportation of dogs effortless and comfortable for both pets and owners.


  • Can I was a seat cover in a machine?

It is NOT machine washable. 


  • How do you wash your covers?

You can wash dog car seat covers in three different ways. 

  1. Hand washes and wipe them off with a damp cloth.
  2. Spot cleaning
  3. Hose off for bigger mess and keep it for drying
  • What kind of car your seat covers fit?

They fit any car seat because we create them in several sizes.

Also, if you happen to purchase a car seat a little larger than yours, you can tuck the edge behind the car seat.


  • I have F-150 with 65’ full seat, would your product fit?

Yes! Our Large car seat covers would fit.


  • Do you make your seat covers specifically for Tesla?

Yes, we make Tesla Model S dog seat cover, Tesla dog seat cover Model 3, and Tesla Model X.


  • What if I need something a little different? Do you accept custom order?

All custom orders are welcome! We can re-create anything you would like to, from dimensions to design, construction, hardware, and more. Custom orders are subject to additional charges and additional manufacturing time.


  • What should I do is you cover slightly too wide?

Our design allows us to fold and tuck between the seat and car wall.


  • I bought you “Designer Inspired Edition,” but now I don’t see the exact same design, how would I get the same? Do you re-stock?

Our “Designer Inspired” car dog hammocks have a limited quality. Once it’s gone, it won’t be re-stocked. In a way, you will own a unique dog seat cover item.

But the good news is that we work on a new “designer inspired” collection.


  • I don’t need to cover the whole backseat, just half of it. What should I choose?

You can choose any of our dog seat covers and fold it in half so that someone can sit next to your dog.


  • Your dog car seats claimed to have “premium quality and design,” how they are better than others?

We invested tons of time and budget in market research and made sure that our product design is based on positive and negative feedbacks of other products, our products as well as the latest industry best practices.


  • Does your dog seat covers made in the USA?

Yes, we design and make them in Los Angeles, California.


  • Where are you shipping from

We ship from Canoga Park from Los Angeles, California.


  • Will your seat covers hold my dog safe in case of the car accident?

The best way to keep your pet safe is to make your dog wear an accident tested safety harness which would be attached to your car’s best system.


  • Do upper edge sag? I had an unpleasant experience in the past?

Great news! The Upper edge has been reinforced for no sagging once it’s attached to the tightest.


  • Do you ship overseas?

Yes, we do, but without wood inserts. We’ll provide you with instructions which kind of insert pads you need to get. It’s effortless, they sell in any home improvement retailer near you.

Also, we require extra time for processing international orders.


  • Do you sell wholesale?

Not at the moment, but we are planning too. As for now, we position our product more boutique.

  • You offer a lifetime warranty, what does it mean?

It means we provide a lifetime warranty on craftsmanship. We cover manufacturer’s defects or defective hardware.

We do NOT cover damages that were made in the process of your car seat use such as a tear, accidents, natural break down of material because of extended use, etc.


  • Are your product dog seat covers or dog car hammocks? It’s confusing

Our seat covers can be used both as car seat cover as well as dog car hammock.


  • Are you planning to sell more pet products?

Yes, we are working on bringing unique dog bandanas, led dog collars, and dog travel accessories this year. If you have ideas of what you would love to find here, please email us and us know, we always appreciate your feedback!


  • Are you planning to sell products for pet owners?

Yes, we are putting together a collection of clothes for dog lovers - dog graphic tees, caps, and sleepwear as well as dog lover jewelry.


  • Does the dog seat protector leave any marks or stains themselves?


No, our dog seat protector doesn’t leave any marks or stains themselves when you remove it. The bottom of the protector is made up of heat-resistant material. It will grab the seat but not leave any marks or stains when you remove them. Since the seats are heat resistant, they don’t melt, obliterating the possibility of marks.

  • Can I get dog car seats in 2 packs?

Yes, you can get multiple dog car seats in one package.

  • Does the dog car seat have any risk of slippage?

No, the dog car seat cover is designed with grip dots to have sufficient friction between the seat and the bottom of the cover. The seat cover doesn’t slip from the seat even when the pet moves aggressively or you keep weight on it. The canvas has strap support tied to the car's seats. So the chances of slippage are minimum to none. The wooden insert keeps the cover sturdy and non-movable.

  • What countries are your dog car seats designed & assembled in?

Our dog car seat fabrics are designed & assembled in Los Angeles, United States.

  • Can I use dog car seat covers in the front seat?

No, you can’t use dog car seat covers in the front seat. These protectors are built to prevent the car’s back seat from dogs, and they can only fit the back seat. But looking at the demands of the market, we’re also designing the covers for the front seats.

  • Are dog seat covers machine washable?

No, dog seat covers are not machine washable. We recommend you spot clean the protector with a water-based cleaner. You can hose off the seat and leave the material to dry out. Some customers successfully machine-washed our seat covers; however, we don’t cover them in the guarantee and don’t recommend them.

  • Does the car manual approve dog car protectors?

No, you don’t need car brand approval to use our dog seat protectors. We have safety tested our dog car seat protectors, which are a universal fit for any car with the back seat. They’re safe to use as long as they’re installed correctly. 

  • How thick is the dog car protector?

The dog car protector is half an inch at its thickest part, while the thinnest is just under 1/2 inches.

  • Does the dog car seat cover bunch up under their butt?

No, the dog car seat cover doesn’t bunch up under their butt. The seat always stays flat, even after keeping the weighted dog on it. 

  • How many dog car covers come in a pack?

There’s only one dog car cover in a pack. For multiple covers, you can add more quantity on shopping cart and order them with us.  

  • Are dog car seat covers available with different color stitching?

No, we only have dog car seat covers in traditional black stitching. However, you can order seat covers with designer editions. You can also have customized orders for the additional fees.

  • Has your dog seat cover helped anyone car’s seat from being damaged?

Yes, our dog seat covers have helped many car seats from getting damaged. Our thick and durable seat protector protects seat from getting scratched or damaged over time. 

  • Can I use heated functions in car while the dog car seat is installed?

Our dog car seat is insulated from heat at the bottom as it has wooden plank insert. But you have to be a little careful while you use heated functions in car while the cover is already installed on the seat.

  • Do your dog car seat protectors have latex in it?

No, our dog car seat protectors don’t have latex in them. They’re made up of heavy canvas material, which is plain-woven fabric. They have a mixture of cotton and linen.

  • Do dog seat protectors stink?

No, our dog seat protectors don’t stink. They’re made up of mixture of cotton and linen whose natural smell dissipate over time during production.

  • Do dog car seat protectors have neoprene?

No, our dog car seat protectors don’t have neoprene. We don’t use any rubbery material on the seat covers. It’s pure canvas made up of woven-cotton and linen.

  • Does dog car seats contain phthalates?

No, our dog car seats don’t contain any phthalates. They’re made up of organic canvases which include cotton and linen at prime.

  • Does dog car protector help when dog urinates on it?

Yes, dog car protectors prevent urination from getting into the actual seats of your car. We recommend you get the covers spot cleaned or hose off the material in case dogs litter the protector.

  • Can you use dog seat cover as regular cushioned car seat cover?

No, we don’t recommend using a dog seat cover as a regular cushioned car seat cover. It’s not the replacement for the actual seat cover. They’re specially meant for traveling with pets. Remove the seats when you’re not traveling with your dog anymore. 

  • Are dog seats cover resistant to liquid spills?

Yes, dog seat covers are resistant to liquid spills. The leak may slip to the other sides, but the protector is fully waterproof.

  • Does the dog car protector fasten only to the headrest?

Yes, the dog car protectors only fasten to the headrest. For additional safety and non-movability, we have added a hook underneath the front seat. Any car with a headrest can fit these protectors via an adjustable strap.

  • What do I do with the discoloration of the seat because of the protector?

The bottom of our seat protectors is made up of heat-resistant material. They don’t melt to leave a stain on leather seats. On contrary, they prevent discoloration of the regular seat covers. We also recommend using our protectors only when you’re traveling with pets.

  • Does the dog car seat cover works for the Chicco Keyfit 30 car seat base?

Our protector generally works with all seat types, regardless of the brand, but since it’s a car seat for babies, our dog car seat cover works only for half the seat. It means you can’t use Chicco Keyfit 30 over our dog car seat if it covers the entire back seat. But you can still put our cover if you plan to use it half at the back.

  • Does the car seat warranty void if the dog seat protector is not tested with the car seat?

The car seat warranty may be void if the dog seat protector is not tested with the car seat. Our seat protectors are safe to use and have run through several tests. They’re safe to use with any car seat if you install them properly.

  • Does the dog car protector work with the hooks between the seats?

Yes, dog car protectors work with the hooks between the seats. Nothing gets in the way of installing dog car seat covers.

  • Does dog car seat protector work for a driver's seat?

No, you don’t need a dog car seat protector for a driver’s seat as long as the dog is not driving. :D So, you don’t need the seat protector to work for the driver’s seat.

  • Is dog car seat protector thick and strong or it’s one of those flimsy seat protectors?

Yes, our dog car seat protector is thick and strong as it has thick padding at base.

  • Will the dog car seat cover fall forward if the seat doesn’t have headrest?

Yes, the dog car seat cover will fall forward if the car doesn’t have headrest. Protectors need something to hold onto. The adjustable strap goes around the headrest and prevent the protector from sliding or falling forward.

  • The headrests in my car do not move up and down. Will the strap still go around the headrest?

Yes, the straps are big enough to go around the headrest. You don’t have to remove the headrest to put the strap in position. So long you have headrest, you’re good to go with our covers.

  • Are dog car seat covers crash tested?

No, our dog car seat covers are not crash tested. The proctectors may or may not find itself in the best condition after crash.

  • Do you offer insurance on dog car seat covers?

No, we don’t offer any insurance on dog car seat covers.

  • Can you detach the bottom portion of the dog car protector and only use the back part?

No, you can’t detach the bottom portion of the protector with the back part because they’re threaded all the way to give complete safety to your backseats. However, you can fold it the way you want, but it won’t meet the purpose.

  • Does the dog seat cover come with an air freshener in or on it?

No, the dog seat cover doesn’t contain air freshener chemicals, as our covers don’t stink. We use cotton and linen canvases to build our seat protectors. Their smell dissipates over time during manufacturing.

  • Does the dog car protector have a plastic smell like the PVC clothes?

No, the dog car protector doesn’t have a plastic smell like the PVC. We don’t use any type of poly-balls in our products.

  • Is this a car seat for cat?

No, it’s not a car seat. It’s a pet seat protector. And yes, it protects your car from cuts and scratches from cats too.

  • Is dog protector cover safe to use on backseats with side airbags?

Yes, the dog protector cover is safe to use on backseats with the side airbags. The strap goes around the headrest only and the protector only covers the chair of the seat. The side airbags will only be covered if you use door protectors.

  • Does dog car seat cover interfere with seat airbags?

Yes, the dog car seat cover will interfere with the seat airbags. However, the side airbags will have no contact with the protector until you put door protector as well.

  • How many dog car seat units sold per order?

You can order multiple units of dog car seats & door panels per order. 

  • Will the dog car protector fit in the center seat?

Yes, the dog car protector will fit the center seat if you strap it around two headrests. But if you’re trying to fit it only for the center seat, unfortunately, we don’t have any provision yet. The seat protector will fit perfectly if your center seat has two adjacent headrests on either side.

  • Are dog car protectors Graco or agency approved?

No, our dog car protectors don’t need agency approval. Every unit undergoes strict quality testing.

  • Does dog car protector make body feel sticky during heat?

No, our dog car seat protector doesn’t feel sticky. They are heat resistant and don’t build humidity around their surface. Thus, it doesn’t feel sticky to your dog during summer.

  • Does dog car protector transfer tan to cloth seats?

No, the dog car protector doesn’t transfer tan to cloth seats. 

  • Is an extended warranty available on dog car seats?

You don’t need an extended warranty on our dog car seats because we give a lifetime warranty on all our products.

  • Will the car seat protector stick to dog fur?

No, the dog car seat protector will not stick to the dog fur. It is not made up of poly, latex, rubbery, or leather material. It’s built of canvas— a mix of woven cotton and linen.

  • What is the length of the neck strap?

The neck strap is long enough to get around any headrest.

  • Can the dog slip off when you slow the car suddenly?

No, the dog doesn’t slip off when you slow the car suddenly because the seat protector is tightly latched to the headrests. However, dogs may slip off the seat because of the car’s forward momentum, which is possible even without our protector. This is why we recommend you put a dog-seat harness around your pet for safe traveling.

  • Does the dog car seat cover have an opening for the seat belt?

No, the dog car seat cover doesn’t have an opening for a seat belt, as different cars have belt buckles at different positions. It’s difficult to make a universal design while considering different belt buckles. However, we’re working on the universal design.

  • Can I get different colors for dog car seats?

No, the dog car seat covers come in black only.

  • Does the dog car seat cover have a buckle at the bottom?

Yes, all our dog car seat covers have buckles at the ends of the strap. You can adjust these buckles to tighten around the headrest.

  • Can we use a half-seat protector at the back?

Absolutely yes! Our seat protectors come in bench seat sizes, but you can also fold them in half, as shown in the picture. 

  • Will the dog car seat be the same and cushioned as shown in the pictures?

Yes, the dog car seat will be the same and cushioned, as shown in the picture. The product is quality tested and is worth the amount you spend.

  • Does the dog seat cover have a velcro opening?

No, the dog seat cover doesn’t have a velcro opening. But the door panels are attached with the seat covers using velcro openings.

  • Can passengers also sit in the back seat when the dog protector is put on? 

Yes, passengers can also sit in the back seat when the dog protector is put on. The seat protector is made up of non-sticky, insulated material. So humans and animals won’t feel hot on it. However, we recommend using seat protectors only when traveling with pets. We also ask our customers to fold our foldable seat covers for their convenience.

  • Can dog car seats be used for two dogs?

Our dog car seats can withstand the weight up to 250 pounds. So you can fit as many dogs as long you don’t cross the permissible limit.

  • Do the side flaps in the dog seat protector have zipper?

No, the side flaps don’t have zippers.

  • Do the pockets in the dog seat protector have zipper?

No, the pockets in the dog seat protector don’t have zippers. They have closing flaps.

  • Can the hammock be split for one passenger in the back seat and the hammock on the other side?

Yes, you can split or fold the hammock/seat cover.

  • Where can I buy extensions for the dog car seat buckles?

Unfortunately, we don’t sell extensions for dog car seats at the moment, but we’re looking to expand our product line.

  • Will the flakes come off of the dog seat protectors?

No, the flakes won’t come off the dog seat protectors because we don’t have any additional coating on our covers.

  • Does the dog seat strap work for rear attached headrests?

Yes. The straps are adjustable like a dog collar and can be adjusted to fit an attached headrest.

  • Do the sides of the dog protector zip or just hang on the side?

The sides of the dog protector don’t have zip. They just hang over the side of the seats.

  • Can I resale your dog car seat covers?

Contact us for the wholesale and affiliate inquiries.

  • Can dog car seats be used with bucket seats?

Yes, dog car seats can be used with bucket seats. These protectors can be used in any car with headrests in the front and back. It’s the bare minimum requirement to hold your protector by the straps.

  • The male clip on one side of the strap broke - how do I replace it? 

Unfortunately, we don’t sell male clips for straps. However, you can order the same size from other sellers and get the clip fixed by a tailor.

  • Is the dog seat cover treated with flame retardant or other chemicals?

No, the dog seat covers are not treated with flame retardant or any other chemical. 

  • My dog sheds like crazy. How clean can a dog car protector keep my car?

Our dog car protector works excellently to protect your car from dog hair. It’s built big enough to cover the entire backseat of any of these car types: Cars, Trucks, SUVs, & Tesla.

  • Can you run a hair dryer on the dog car seat cover?

No, we don’t recommend running a hair dryer on the dog car seat cover as it may shrink. You can dry the protectors in the fresh air.

  • Can you press the dog car seat cover with an iron? 

Not sure why you would do it. You shouldn’t press the dog car seat cover with an iron. The thick padding misses the crease on the cloth.

  • Can you use a vacuum cleaner on the dog car seat?

Yes, you can use a vacuum cleaner on the dog car seat. It’s safe to use cleaning devices on the seat protectors.

  • Is there a refund or replacement for the broken strap?

Yes, if it breaks in the first week. Other than that, there’s no refund or replacement for the broken strap.

  • Will the dog seat cover keep dogs from falling into the floor?

Yes, a dog seat cover keeps the dog from falling into the car floor if you attach the cover to the front seats' headrests. If you don’t latch the strap around the front seat headrest, the dog may still fall on the floor with the sudden brake.

  • Is it safe to leave the car with a dog protector during hot weather?

Yes, it is safe to leave your car with dog protectors on during hot weather as they have heat-resistant material. It will warm up a bit like all black upholstery but not as bad as black leather.

  • How can another person sit in the back with no gaps for legs?

Another person can sit in the back with their legs folded or they can fold the seat cover in half and sit comfortably.