How can I protect my truck from my dog?

You can protect your truck from your dog in five ways. 

Method #1: Use door protectors

Door protectors keep away any scratches on the doors or windows. These are available in durable materials and clip-on systems, hassle-free to use. 

Each our seat cover has an option to add the door protectors


Method #2: Use dog seat covers for truck

Using dog seat covers is the best way to protect a truck from the canine fellows. These covers are very easy to install and come in soft fabrics comfortable for pets. They act like hammocks in the truck’s back seat and keep them clean from dog fur or nail mud.


Method #3: Use dog barriers

Putting barriers between the front seat and the back of the trucks can help. Some trucks have in-built barriers; if not, they are also readily available in the market. It helps the dogs to stay in one place and prevents them from moving from the back seat to the front seat.

Method #4: Use dog crates 

Putting the dog in a comfortable crate while traveling also does the job. The crates can be fastened to the seat belts or with bungee cords in the front or back seats of the truck, eliminating additional risks.

Method #5: Train the dog

Special dog training for short trips doesn’t harm the trucks much. They can be trained with special commands to sit still or not to move while on the road.

What are custom pet seat covers for trucks for protection?

Custom pet seat covers for trucks are custom covers that manufacturers design as per the owner's truck requirements. It is used to protect truck from pets like dogs. It can be a seat cover's specific size, design, style, or color that a pet owner may need. Besides, customization also depends on the vehicle's model. 

For example, PetMyRide provides premium quality, custom pet seat covers for the following truck models:

Dog seat covers for Trucks

Truck seat covers are available in 55-65" x 54-56". The pet owner can also ask for other customization options like the seat cover's design, color, or style. 

Dog seat covers for crew cab trucks

Cab crew truck covers come in dimensions: 57" x 53". Other customization options are available per the pet owner's requirements.

Dog seat covers for pickup trucks 

Pickup truck covers are specialized for pet owners who take their dogs to work. These covers are available in the dimensions: 58" x 56" and can be further modified as the pet owner suggests.

Dog seat covers for Ram trucks 

Ram trucks are another pickup truck that needs specialized dog seat covers. These covers come in the dimensions: 59" x 56-57" and can be customized further per the pet owner's requirements.

Dog seat covers for Ford trucks

Ford trucks are also heavy-duty vehicles and need custom covers for dog seats. These covers are available in the dimension: 12.64" x 11.65" x 4.88". The pet owners also have other customization options for these covers. 

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