How to Get Dog Hair out of Car- Keep Your Vehicle Spotless

Are you a dog parent looking for how to get dog hair out of car? If yes, we got you covered in this article. It does not matter; whether you commute with your dog daily or go to the park on weekends, you will always end up with dog hair in your car.


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Taking your fluffy friend out is all fun until you realize your car's interior, from the car seat to the floor, and just all sections of the car are covered with pet hair. The solution is not to leave your dogs behind; it is to get creative to remove stubborn strands.

Common tactics you may be using won't remove dog hair out entirely. You got to be a little creative to get dog hair out. And by this, we mean every single strand that may be lurking around the car.

Lucky for you, we discuss the best creative ways to remove dog hair from your car below.

Okay, let's get down on how to leave your car spotless and free from pet hair.

How to Get Dog Hair out of Your Car Effortlessly

how to get dog hair out of your car effortlessly

You don't need to go out of your way to clean pet hair from your car. Just a few necessary tools here and there and some creativity will remove pet hair in your car. Nothing too complicated in any of the hair removal processes below (1).

Traditional tactics you may be using won't remove dog hair out entirely. You got to be a little creative to get out all the pet hair lurking in your car. Follow the tips below, and it will be worth every step.

  1. Dog Hair Prevention

You probably didn't expect this to be on top of the list, but as you know already, prevention is better than cure. If you can prevent dog hair from coming into contact with your car's interior, you won't have the hustle of having to remove dog fur. Here are some of the best ways people use to prevent dog hair from sticking in your car interior.

Brush Your Dog before Rides

dog hair prevention brush your dog before rides

Always brush your dog before letting them in the car. This may not entirely prevent dog hair from falling on your car seats. But it will significantly minimize the amount of dog fur that you will have to remove later; usually, especially during hot weather, your dogs will always have some loose hair. Brushing helps get the loose hair, which they would have otherwise left on the car seat.

There is no need to go out of your way every time grooming your dog daily. A simple brush using a pet brush will save you a lot of time in hair removal from fabric seats.

Buy and Use a Pet Crate

buy and use a pet crate

A pet crate works like a baby seat, but now for dogs. You can put your dog in the pet crate and secure him using a seat belt or a latch system.

Pet crates are not only comfortable for the dog during extended travel; they prevent your dog from moving from place to place in the car. Also, they prevent the dog's contact with your fabric seats. Therefore, they minimize the amount of dog hair that falls in your car.

  1. Purchase Dog Seat Covers

how to get dog hair out of your car effortlessly

Getting a dog cover for car is another sure way to manage dog hair. Seat covers will significantly reduce the amount of hair your dog leaves in the car. And, you will realize that the pet hair will only slip to a small manageable area.

Also, you can remove pet car seat covers and clean them. With this, you can forget about having to struggle to remove pet hair from your seats.

Many people who don't own pet car seat covers use towels or blankets to serve this purpose. It can reduce some amounts of the hair, yes, but it will not work as effectively as a seat cover.

Dog seat covers are an easy way to keep the car clean and dog hair-free. Simply fasten the car seats with the covers, and the dog will be less likely to shed all over the place. 

Try to experiment with a few seat covers to find one the dog is comfortable with. Be sure to measure the seats before purchasing to ensure a good fit.

  1. Use Rubber Gloves

use rubber gloves

Rubber gloves are an excellent tool when it comes to removing pet hair from your car. Follow the procedure below to get the most out of rubber gloves:

  • Wear your routine rubber cleaning gloves
  • Sweep your gloved hands over your car's surfaces and upholstery
  • Ensure you sweep your hand in one direction and never back and forth
  • If it's not as effective, consider wetting your gloves slightly

Loosen hair will stick on the surface of the glove, thanks to static electricity. The rest of the hair will form large hair lumps, which you can easily pick up or remove. Alternatively, use a vacuum cleaner to collect the large lumps.

  1. Use Balloons

use balloons

Pet owners may quickly dismiss the use of balloons because, honestly, it seems a little left-field. But, they are highly effective in collecting pet hair. By use of static electricity, balloons can trap to the

Using balloons to collect pet hair is highly effective, thanks to the static electricity they produce.

Rub balloons on the surfaces with pet hairs. The static electricity, and have it stick to the balloon's surface. You can change a balloon or clean the one you have and continue to have your car seats spotless.

This is ideal for loose hair. It may not work well for stubborn and embedded strands.

  1. Use a Squeegee

use a squeegee

If you are in a hurry and think of an extremely cost-effective way of removing pet hair, think no further than using a squeegee.

A squeegee works more like the rubber gloves option. It has a rubber blade, which will capture the pet hair on the seats and the floor of your car. It will move pet hair into one large pile, which is easy to remove.

  1. Use a Fabric Softener

Fabric softener is composed of ingredients specifically designed to loosen pet hair from surfaces in your car.

Follow the following procedure to use fabric softener for pet hair removal:

  • Put 2-3 teaspoons of fabric softener in a spray bottle
  • Add 500 ml water to the spray bottle and shake well
  • Lightly spray the fabric softener solution on your car's upholstery
  • Use a paper towel to wipe onto the surface to loosen stubborn strands
  • You can now vacuum clean the stubborn strand of hairs

This is an ideal approach for stubborn pet hairs.

  1. Use Duct Tape

use duct tape

The use of duct tape is a more reliable way to clear fur from the interior of your car.

Follow this procedure to use duct tape to remove pet hair:

  • Roll the duct tape around your hand, with the sticky side out
  • Press the affected areas with the taped hand, firmly
  • Lift it
  • Keep repeating and replacing the tape after a few rounds

There will be a lot of pet hair collected on the sticky surface. This may have the pet hair easily removed, but the use of tape may be time-consuming because you have to clear a spot at a time. Works well for stubborn hairs but not for s large affected surface.

You can also use packing tape; it will work equally well.

  1. Use a Vacuum Cleaner

use a vacuum cleaner

You have bumped into vacuum cleaners under the other categories above, but you can use them independently.

Vacuum cleaners will remove most of the hair in your car interior and furniture. For the best results, purchase a vacuum nozzle that has rubber bristles. These kinds of bristles are specifically designed to collect loose hair.

Vacuum the car regularly to keep dog hair under control and remove any hair that has been collected. Use either a vacuum specifically designed for cars or a regular vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment. 

When vacuuming, go over all of the seats and floorboards thoroughly. Investing in a pet hair brush can also help remove loose hair before vacuuming. Lint rollers and rubber brushes can do the job well.

  1. Use Velcro Curlers


use velcro curlersSurprised to find hair curlers on this list? Well, we said it's all about getting creative and thinking out of the box.

Velcro curlers are designed to trap hair when you roll them. It uses this same principle when removing dog hair in your car.

Roll the equipment on over the upholstery to collect the hair. The velcro curler collects a lot of hair, especially in tinny places such as edges of the glove box's seats and corners, where other material such as balloons may not access easily.

Careful, though; velcro curlers can tear up your car's upholstery. Remember to be super gentle while using it.

  1. Use a Wire Brush

use a wire brush

A wire brush is another alternative you could use to get rid of pet fur from your upholstery. It is mostly used to remove hard-to-reach and stubborn hair or as a last step after using other methods, like after the balloon method.

Using a wire brush is pretty simple. Brush along the area affected by the fur until you receive desired results.

  1. Use a Lint Roller

use a lint roller

A lint brush or bristle brushes are one of the most popular and effective ways to eliminate pet hair from your car.

To use a lint brush:

  • Roll them across the affected surface.
  • Do the rolling on one side, don't go back and forth.
  • Remove the hair from the lint brush and dispose of it.

One advantage of the lint roller that it is super gentle; it does not destroy your car surfaces, as a wire brush may do.

  1. Use a Pumice Stone

use a pumice stone

Another highly-effective alternative is the use of a pumice stone. The pumice stone works excellently on the carpet or flooring. Therefore, you could use the other methods for the seats and use the car's pumice stone.

Be sure to test on your car fabric to ensure the stone does not destroy any surfaces.

Again, while using this procedure, avoid back and forth movement. Rub the surface gently in one direction to avoid further sticking of the fur on the upholstery.

13. Groom the dog properly

Make sure to groom the dog before taking it on the ride. A good brushing will remove loose hair and prevent shedding. It can also help keep the dog's coat healthy and free of tangles or mats. Using good shedding blades can also help.



Frequently Asked Questions

Some FAQs regarding seat cover cleaning.

How do you clean a dog seat cover?

You clean a dog seat cover by hand or spot cleaning using a water-based cleaner. Follow these steps:

  • Prepare the bathroom and kitchen sink with lukewarm water. 
  • Take a damp cloth and spot-clean the cover.  
  • If the stains remain intact, soak the dog seat cover in the water for 15-20 minutes and hose off the cover.
  • Rinse the cover under sunlight or in a room under the fan using a hanger.

Does dog hair stick to microfiber?

No, dog hair does not stick to microfibre because the fabric is fur-resistant and mold-resistant. It has a tightly woven form, making it stronger than natural fiber and immune to breakage. So the pet owners can clean it easily with a hand towel or vacuum cleaner. Also, wrinkles don't quickly form on these fibers, so they prefer microfiber fabric for their furniture and car seats.

What is the best dog hair remover for car?

The best dog hair remover for cars is:

  • a lint roller
  • a hair remover brush
  • a cordless car vacuum
  • a pet hair detailer, and
  • a pet hair remover roller.

Some companies that sell these tools are Chomchom, Analan, and Bissell.

Dog Proofing Your Car

dog proofing your car

Clearing dog hair daily from your materials and car interior may be tiresome and time-consuming for dog owners who often travel with their dogs.

One step towards dog-proofing your car is finding a dog car hammock. A dog car hammock will prevent direct contact and also minimize the dog's movement in the car. Minimal dog movement means less hair to deal with.

Some of these cleaning methods, such as using a wire brush, can be too tough for your Tesla cloth seats. You sure do not want to tear or scratch your seat apart (2). Get Tesla seat covers to protect your seats from pet hairs and possible damage while cleaning up.

Final Thoughts

One prevalent downside of traveling with your dog is dealing with dog hair in your car. This can get even more difficult when it's hot and the dogs are shedding a lot of hair.

However, it's not a solid enough reason for you to leave your best friend behind. Have the materials needed to clean the mess after.

Better still, have the correct materials needed to minimize the amount of dog hair left in the car. For instance, if you have a truck, get the correct pet seat covers for trucks. It may not trap all the hair, but it will minimize what you will have to clean up later.

Time to wrap it up. Bring your fluffy friends to those road trips; you two will enjoy every moment, as long as you master the tricks of getting rid of the fur after.

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