What is the best Tesla seat cover?

The best Tesla dog seat cover is high-quality, heavy-duty, and comfortable for the dog. It is also a perfect fit for the dog and the car seat and secures the pet safely in the seat during car rides. Tesla car seat protectors are available at PetMyRide, the premium dog car seat cover manufacturer. It designs and manufactures the best dog seat covers for the following Tesla models:

Best Tesla dog seat cover for Model Y

PetMyRide provides customized dog seat covers for two model Y Tesla cars:

  • Model Y with five seats Hip Room dimensions: 53.8″ (front) and 50.6″ (rear) 
  • Model Y with seven seats Hip Room dimensions: 53.8″ (front), 50.8″ (2nd row), and 36.5″ (3rd row)

Best Tesla dog seat cover for Model S

Model S Tesla cars have the following Hip Room dimensions: 54.8″ (front) x 50.3″ (rear). Therefore, PetMyRide designs Tesla dog seat covers to fit these dimensions and provides room for more customization to its users. 

Best Tesla dog seat cover for Model 3

Tesla Model 3 has 53.4″ (front) x 54.4″ (rear) Hip Room dimensions. So PetMyRide offers its customers the same size dog seat covers and options to add their favorite styles, design, and color. 

Best Tesla dog seat cover for Model X

Tesla Model X has the following Hip Room dimensions: 55.7″ (first row), 58.9-59″ (second row), and 38.7″ (third row). So pet owners can buy tailor-made dog seat covers for model X Tesla cars from PetMyRide. They can also add other options to their customization list, including style, design, and color. 




What are Tesla dog accessories?

Tesla dog accessories are things Tesla owners need for their dogs while carrying them along on a trip. Different products are available in the market to help Tesla owners ensure their dogs’ safety during the journey. These products are the same for all Tesla models, except for one or two different accessories for models S, X, Y, and 3. 

So here are some Tesla dog accessories common for all the Tesla models. 

  • Dog seat covers: protect dogs from injuries during accidents and the seat from getting spoiled by dogs’ mess.
  • Door protectors: save leather car doors from scratches.
  • Cargo covers: save the cargo space of Tesla cars from dogs’ mess and make them comfortable in the area.
  • Hammocks: prevent the dog from jumping to the car’s front seat.
  • Pet liners: seat protector that also keeps the car’s interior safe from dogs.
  • Dog crates and carriers: transport dogs during car rides.
  • Dog harnesses: restrain dogs to the car seat. 
  • Dog car seat: separate seat for dogs, attached to the car’s seat. 
  • Dog barriers: divide the car into two portions so the dog can’t jump to the front seat.  
  • Collapsible dog travel bowls: help in feeding dogs while traveling.
  • Portable dog water bottles: help dogs in drinking water directly from the bottle or a bowl.
  • Dog cooling mats: have a gel between their layers to cool down the dogs during hot days.
  • Hair removers and lint rollers: brush off dog hair from dog car seats, seat covers, and seat protectors.
  • Dog ramp and stairs: help injured and older dogs get inside/outside the car.

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