How do I choose a dog seat cover and where to find them?

You choose a car seat covers for dogs by considering the following factors: 

Factor #1: The Size

The dog seat cover should perfectly fit the car seat. Several seat cover styles are available in the market in different sizes. Choose the one that matches the dimensions of the car seat. Besides, custom-fit dog seat covers are readily available for vehicles like SUVs, Sedans, Tesla cars, and Trucks.  

car dog seat covers should be the right size for your dog

Factor #2: Waterproof

The dog seat cover has to be water resistant if it will be used for long tours. So when dogs love the outdoors and sit inside the covers for a long time or even if they get car sick, waterproof covers come in handy.

Factor #3: Cover material

The material of the dog seat cover should be easy on the dog’s skin and resistant to dog hairs. Heavy canvas dog seat covers are best for dogs as they are made from woven fabrics, making them soft and comfortable for pets.

Factor #4: Easily washable 

The dog seat covers protect the car seat from dog nails, fur, and mud, making the cover dirty. So buy easy-to-clean covers that don’t take much time.

Factor #5: Safe and sturdy

Carefully look for safety features before buying the dog seat cover. The straps should be durable and strong enough to hold the dog’s weight and have strong stitch constructions padded with wooden inserts.

Factor #6: Dog’s size

There are separate covers available for small, medium-sized, and large dog breeds. So buy a seat cover that fits the dog’s size and is spacious enough for the dog to sit and move around comfortably. 

How do I find dog car seat covers near me?

You find dog seat covers near you via a Google search. Just turn on the location and type “dog car seat covers near me,” and Google will come up with all the stores near the location that sell dog seat covers. If the stores are near their location, the pet owners can visit personally and shop for seat covers. 

If not, another option is to buy from online stores like PetMyRide. This way, the seat covers can be shipped to any part of the world, so location is not a barrier anymore. The pet owners can choose the seat covers per their preferences, vehicle type, and their dogs’ requirements on the store website.

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Where can I get cute dog car seat covers?

You can get cute dog car seat covers in pet accessory stores. Visit these stores if they are nearby or shop the covers online. Also, look for stores that manufacture customized dog car seat covers to get the desired cute print for the seat cover. For example, PetMyRide makes custom dog seat covers, and the customers can choose their favorite print for the covers. 

Where can I find canvas seat covers near me? 

You can find canvas seat covers in any pet accessory store around your area. They are durable, tightly woven, and hence widely available. Also, PetMyRide makes the best canvas fabric seat covers. Moreover, it ships them across different countries, including the USA and Canada. So pet owners don’t have to worry about the pet store’s location anymore. 


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