How do you travel with a dog in SUV?

Before we tell you how to travel with a dog in SUV, let’s first cover the important question; is it safe for dogs to ride in the back of your SUV? What would you need and which dog car seat covers would be the best? 

Is it safe for dogs to ride in the back of an SUV?

Yes, dogs can safely ride in the back of an SUV, provided they are secured with a dog seat belt and separated from the front seat through a barrier. These measures reduce the likelihood of serious injury to the dog in case of an accident. 

Can a dog sit in the back of an SUV?

Yes, a dog can sit in the back of an SUV. The only requirements are proper planning and attention to the pet’s safety during the journey. In an SUV, the trunk and cargo space provide an ample area for the dog to sit comfortably and move around. Also, the cargo area is open to the rest of the car, allowing direct contact between the dog and the people inside.

For the safety of the dog, the cargo area or the back of the SUV should have a crate, a carrier, a harness, or a dog seat cover for SUV. These products are designed to keep the pet safe in the back of an SUV.  

Now, let’s find out how you can travel with the dog in SUV.






How do you travel with a dog in SUV?

You travel with a dog in SUV by proper planning and making preparations well in advance. It is necessary to carry an emergency kit and start by covering small distances. Follow these steps for safer travel with the dog:

Step #1: Start Small

Covering short distances is important when traveling with the fur baby. It will help determine the dog’s reactions to travel and coping mechanisms.

Step #2: Keep the pet restrained during the ride

Pets can distract the driver if they are not strapped securely. The safest way for the dog to travel in an SUV is in a carrier strapped to the seat with a seatbelt. Ensure that the dog has enough room to stretch and move.

Step #3: Pack adequate travel supplies for the dog

For a safe and comfortable drive in an SUV, carry the dogs:

  • food, 
  • water,
  • medical supplies 
  • cleaning supplies, 
  • first-aid kit,
  • foldable bags, and 
  • a scoop. 

Packing a few favorite toys and treats can also come in handy to keep the dog engaged and cheerful during the drive. 

Step #4: Don’t leave the dog alone in the SUV

Dogs panic when they’re left alone. So don’t leave them unattended, especially during the summer, as the SUV can get heated in minutes

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